Exquisite property Hotel business opportunity - ID AL270223SCBR

Exquisite property Hotel business opportunity

, Granari

Exquisite property Hotel business opportunity

398,000 EUR  ID: AL270223SCBR

  • No of bedrooms: 5
  • Area:
  • Floor space: 335 mp
  • No of baths: 5
  • Completion date: 1863
  • Plot size: 10000 mp


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White Mountain Property presents this exquisite property for sale situated in a Sachsen village, an area surrounded by history, in the close proximity of the well-known Vscri, a favourite of Prince Charles.

This area is renowned due to is lovely coloured houses, the old Easter and Christmas traditions, the fortified churches which can be found nearby, the fresh air and the hearty food cooked by the village's grandmothers. Close by, there can be found plenty of similar villages which are waiting to be discovered, being less travelled than the famous Viscri - thus, having the advantage of something new and less crowded. In return, it is an oasis of peace and quiet for those who are looking to reconnect with nature and our ancient traditions, which sometimes we long for, during our busy daily lives. Here, in this village, the locals (about 350 people) still practice subsistence farming (grazing with flocks of sheep, mowing in the old style, preparing the hay, taking out the herd of cows), there are no cars (except for a very few which belong to the locals) and the cycling road which connects all the neighbouring villages encourages exploration.

The property we propose for sale is something out of the ordinary, being initially conceived by its owners as their home, in part, with the idea of accommodating their family and guests in the adjoining houses, a small agrotourism business, with places to sleep, a separate space for dining, sauna, recreation areas. Thus, this complex was born, comprised of several houses, which have been completely restored, without compromising on quality, with the best materials, to satisfy their own need for comfort, as follows:

          ~ House 1 - comprised of: large living room of 19 sqm, bedroom with a usable area of 26 sqm and a bathroom of 6 sqm.

The house has a new wooden floor, a new heating system - two new terracotta stoves, which work on wood, and which were made by hand. The tiles were also made by hand at the well-known factory in Medias.

The water, sewerage and electricity installations are new.

         ~ House 2 - consists of: a hallway of 6.2 sqm, a bathroom (3.2 sqm) and a spacious bedroom, with an area of 21 sqm.

Here, too, the heating system is new (terracotta stove), the electrical cables are new, the whole house was rebuilt from scratch, to ensure modern comfort away from everyday noise. Moreover, it is important to mention that there is also sewerage system. Also, the tiles are also new, handmade, with new rafters, while the basement of the house is spacious enough, dry and neat, with old oak beams.

In addition to this house, we find a 90 sqm barn, connected to water, and which was recently rebuilt, with new tiles, laths and rafters. Furthermore, we can also mention a professional solarium, a stable for animals and a wonderful garden throughout the entire year.

        ~ House 3 - consists of a hallway (7 sqm), bathroom (5.5 sqm) and a large room, used as bedroom / living room, with an area of 26 sqm. Respecting the quality standards listed in the previous houses, this house was also restored in the same style, with new heating system, handmade terracotta, factory painted tiles from Medias, sewerage and water, new electrical cables, new floors and ceiling, made of wood.

In addition to this house, we also find a 102 sqm barn, rebuilt with tiles reused after the old model, which are more than 100 years old, with new widths and rafters.

The cellar is spacious us and dry.

Moreover, this house has a long history, being built in 1862, out of stone, but restored to modern standards. Here, there are also a cobbled terrace and an old fountain, 20 meters deep, very well maintained.

        ~ House 4 - comprised of: hallway (6.7 sqm), bathroom (5.6 sqm), an open-space living room with kitchen (35 sqm) and a bedroom (20 sqm). Likewise, the house was completely restored, without compromising on quality, with new floors, new ceiling, new and high-performance terracotta, sewerage system. Compared to the previous houses, this one has a modern kitchen, fully equipped with all MIELE appliances and durable granite countertops.

What is more, there is also a dry cellar, a very well maintained fountain and two barns, one of which has been transformed into a work room (a 21 sqm room) and a storage space (45 sqm). The second barn has been transformed into a living place with kitchen (67 sqm), with oak flooring, fully equipped with premium appliances from MIELE and stainless steel worktop, while the stove is the most economical, heating on wood, brought from Austria. This space was designed as a dining area for morey people. Upstairs, we  can find an apartment consisting of: hallway (2.4 sqm), bedroom (20 sqm) and bathroom (5 sqm), with high efficient stove heating system, from Denmark.

Furthermore, we can also mention the paved terrace, with an area of 35 square meters, with a drainage system, ideal for relaxation.

        ~ Sauna - consisting of: professional sauna for 4-6 people, wood heating, a spacious rest room, with an area of 34 sqm, with a beautiful panorama and a paved terrace.

        ~ Garden - without a doubt, one of the biggest advantages of this property, is the common garden which is urban land, with an area of approximately 7500 square meters, which has very old fruit trees, Romanian varieties of apple, pear, quince, plums, which bear fruit annually. The total area, which is urban land, together with the courtyards, is of about 10,000 sqm.

           Materials used and restoration process:

It is very important to mention that all the houses were restored with environmentally friendly materials, no cement was used inside the houses, but lime, sand and wood. The ceilings are insulated, all houses have a separate electric meters, and each house has its own terrace.

Also, these houses are separated from each other by a hornbeam hedge, 2 meters high, beautiful in any season. In addition, these houses have separate entrances from the main road, but they are connected by the inner courtyards.

There are sewerage system, fiber optics with unlimited high speed internet from DIGI, each house being connected with cable for TV (Telekom and / or DIGI).

Moreover, there is a common water and sewer system, where all the houses and the sauna are connected, but there is also the possibility of separation, for those who wish to connect with the sewer system from the village. The water supply is made from the two fountains; there is a special 800 liter tank for drinking water, which goes through a softening system before reaching all the houses. Another advantage is that two pumps have been installed to ensure constant water pressure, regardless of whether water is used in all homes at the same time.

As far as the finishing touches are concerned, we can mention: double glazed windows with wooden frame, double glazed doors and beautifully worked oak wood, new or remade wooden shutters. In addition, all rooms are equipped with high quality beds from Mobexpert.

We consider this property ideal for those people who want to withdraw from the crowded urban life and have a penchant for an agrotourism business, in an increasingly interesting area from a tourist point of view, registered in Natura 2000. There is a huge potential for exploitation, and this complex is unique in that area, by its components and the way it was restored.

       The well-known villages in the vicinity are: Viscri, Mesendor, Crit.

       Nearby airports: Sibiu, Targu-Mures, soon Brasov.

The displayed price includes everything that can be found in this advert.

The offer requires detailed pieces of information, please do not hesitate to contact us for additional details, photos and video presentation.

For additional details or viewings, please do not hesitate to contact me at the phone number 0733 934 404, or by e-mail, at anne.natu@whitemountain.ro. My colleagues and I will be happy to help you.

General options

  • Amenities: Basement, Wine cellar, Fixtures, Dish washer, Sauna, Washing machine, Refrigerator, Stove
  • Car Access: Vehicle access
  • Destination: Commercial space, Housing/Office, Housing
  • Fenced Land: Yes
  • Finishing Stage: Finished
  • Flooring: Decking
  • Furnished: Modern, Classic, Fully, Good condition
  • House Access: Driveway
  • House Heating: Stoves
  • House Type: Individual
  • House Windows: Wood
  • Internet Access: Optical fiber, Wireless
  • Kitchen: Yes, Equipped, Furnished, Open
  • Roofing: Tile
  • Streets: Asphalted
  • Utilities: Sewerage, Water, Electricity, Cable TV, Telephone, Internet
  • Yard: Orchard, Pavilion, Garden, Paved, Concreted, Barbecue
  • Yard Type: Individual, Land ownership

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