Land for sale in Bucharest, from 926 sqm to 20 000 sqm, in Baneasa, Pipera, Straulesti, Damaroaia, Basarab - ID DGCC MG 231221 BAN

Land for sale in Bucharest, from 926 sqm to 20 000 sqm, in Baneasa, Pipera, Straulesti, Damaroaia, Basarab

Baneasa, Bucuresti

Land for sale in Bucharest, from 926 sqm to 20 000 sqm, in Baneasa, Pipera, Straulesti, Damaroaia, Basarab

7,000,000 EUR  ID: DGCC MG 231221 BAN

  • Area: Baneasa
  • Plot size: 20000 mp
  • Fronts: 2
  • Location: In the city
  • Opening: 200 m


White Mountain Property is pleased to offer you for sale these plots of land located in Bucharest, in Baneasa, Pipera, Damaroaia, Straulesti or Basarab - Grivitei areas. 

Land #1 is in the office and residential area in Baneasa, on DN1, next to the new metro station Paris. As per the urban plan, the project will have a60% footprint and land use coefficient =3. Mixed-use of the land is possible, for office buildings, houses, commercial spaces, hotel.

Land #2 is in the office and residential area in Pipera, just 5 minutes away from Pipera metro station, tram stop and A3 road to Brasov. As per PUZ, 600 studios and apartments will be build here. The project will have a POT = 30%, CUT = 3.5. All documents are ready for PUZ. The urban documents will be discussed in the next Urban commission, then the preliminary approval will be edited and the final approval. The destination of the plot can be changed to office or mix office + residential.

Lands # 3 - 4 are in Straulesti - Damaroaia area. There are 2 plots of 1500 sqm and 4500 sqm, with 17 and 56 m openings. Warehoused that can be demolished are on both plots. The lands benefit from all utilities and the owner has an urban certificate from 2020 with POT = 50% and CUT = 2.5. Higher coefficients can be obtained with PUZ. The adjoining plot can be bought optionally (2700 sqm, with 30 openings).

Lands #5 - 6 are in Basarab - Grivitei area: 900 sqm and 1400 sqm. They are just 6 min away from Basarab metro station, between 2 streets. They are 20 wide and 100 m long. The smaller plot offers POT = 53%, CUT = 2, height regime Basement + Ground floor + 3 or Basement + Ground floor + 5 as per urban certificate from Nov 2020. The larger plot has POT = 60% and CUT = 2.5. The owners accept instalments payment or apartments + money. 

For further information regarding lease acquisition, please contact or call +40727 606 074. If you are looking for the best-priced apartments, villas, offices etc to rent in Bucharest or other areas, get in touch. 

White Mountain Property has a good relationship with many other local real estate companies working all over Bucharest, to save our clients searching any more than they wish. while still uncovering the best property match for their needs. In fact, if you find a property elsewhere but prefer to communicate through us, we can act on your behalf for that property at no extra cost to you. In effect, you get both agencies at the same cost as just one. Our focus, as a Real Estate agency, is long term rentals and sales for apartments, houses, offices and commercial spaces. 

Internal ID: DGCC MG 201221 UNI

General options

  • Land Access: Driveway, Pedestrian, Bus
  • Land Streets: Asphalted
  • Land Usable for: Hotel, Recreational, Houses / villas, Offices, Block, Commercial
  • Neighborhoods: Gas station, Market, Hotel, Park, Mall, Restaurant/pub, University center, School/kindergarten, Subway, Bus, Commercial area, Bank, Supermarket, Cinema, Fastfood, Pedestrian traffic, Circulated intersection
  • Other Land Features: Investment opportunity, On the road/boulevard, Extension possibility, Street lighting
  • Utilities: Water, Sewerage, Gas, Electricity
  • Utility Access: In field

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