How can we help you administer your Bucharest or Brasov rental property?

We provide all the services to manage a rented or vacant property, allowing stress-free and hands-off ownership. In addition to the property management service, occupied, empty or rented, we offer assistance in the purchase or sale of properties, accounting and maintenance services, repairs, interior design and furniture. Our team is known for solving all manner of property problems. Among the services offered are:

      Silver Gold Vacant  
  Listing property on all portals (OLX, (Imobiliare, Publi24, Wizmo, etc)  

Careful selection and reference checking of future tenants

  Creation amd storage of rental contracts  
  Handling of rental secutiry/ damage deposit  
  Handling of owner keys and documentation  
  Prompt collection monthly rent, and depositing into owners account
  Deposit the rent into owners account.  
  Maintain clear and open owner, tenant/ neighbour relations.  
  Verify monthly utility bills are paid.  
  Periodic property visits.  
  Available for call outs, repairs, incidents and support.  
  Track and execute maintenance requests/  
  Drafting of inventory reports.  
  Electronic verification of utility payments.  
  Contract registration with fiscal authorities  
  Local administrative duties.  
  Renewal of property insurance.  
  Managing contractors for regular and emergency repairs and maintenance.  
  Periodic monitoring of vacant propertiesand insuring minimum temperature is maintained.  
  Inspection, taking over and handling of new properties.  
  Welcome and orientation of tenants.  
  Obtaining energy performance certification.  
  Payment of building administration charges.  
  Payment of others charges including local taxes.  
    Details Details Details  

Any service that is not included in the monthly fee (prices start from 50 euro/ month, up to a maximum of 10% of the monthly rental) is charged at a small hourly rate. Some onwers of rental property need only silver service plus a small amount of non-standard hours per year in exceptional circumstances until a long term rental is running smoothly.  Some of our managed properties have the same tenants since 2009.

Why use our Property Management services in Bucharest or Brasov

Here are some benefits that the property management service brings you:

  •     Maximizing rental income and shortening the unoccupied periods.
  •     You avoid direct conflicts or legal issues with your tenants.
  •     We specialise in finding reliable long term tenants.
  •     Careful supervision of rent collection.
  •     Reduction in time spent at the tax office.
  •     Lower costs of maintenance and skilled repairs.
  •     Increasing the investment value of your property.
  •     Advantageous offers from /suppliers (plumbers, electricians, furniture suppliers, gas inspections, accounting, etc.).
  •     Increased free or family time by outsourcing the rental management service.

Owners in Romania might feel somewhat helpless when they are not around to manage their own property. Some of the properties we manage previously had problems, with incomplete documentation, erroneously registered or late taxes, poor accounting or which had been poorly maintained. 

Our team prides itself on professional standards at competitive prices,  We offer a complete property management service. Below are a few examples. Last year, more than 20 unhappy real estate owners in Greenfield, Bellevue, Unirii Square and Boulevard, Metropolitan Residence, Diamond Park and other residential complexes have turned to us to remedy the unpleasant situations created by other property managers.  All properties are now in working condition and rented successfully.

Together with our maintenance team, we have renovated, decorated or furnished about 7 to 10 properties per year since 2007 - all property has been successfully rented, managed efficiently, and generating incomes for the owners. We are know for our problem solving skills, with minimal investment and owner involvement.

Our property rental service

Finding a quality tenant quickly is important. In order to do this, we apply a referral check policy using both electronic resources and local information to assess potential tenants and our finder fees are very competitive on the Romanian market.

The tenant-find phase is managed by a team of rental agents working exclusively on a commission basis. The post-rental phase is handled solely by Property Management team.

Things to Ask About Before Choosing a Property Management Company

  •     Administration fees for all services.
  •     How the funds of tenants and owners are managed.
  •     Methods of establishing and collecting the rent.
  •     Maintenance and repair policy.
  •     Property inspection policy.
  •     Promoting property and retaining tenants.
  •     Tenant verification policy.
  •     Company profile: History, qualifications, portfolio, size, team make up, customer relations.

What is the impact of a managed property on the community, real estate developers, administration and utility providers?

When the tenants are supervised, they are encouraged to respect the rules of the property, to take care of the property, to pay the utilities and to be good citizens. If the property is not properly managed, delays in payment of the rent may occur, the tenants may be neglegent and the property, along with the surroundings sometimes, may suffer, decreasimng value and occupant qualty.

From our experience we can tell you that there have been cases in which the utility bills have remained unpaid, leading to the homeowners' associations getting involvedor the utility supply has been interrupted, or garbage not removed or the old cars abandoned. A bad tenant affects more than the landlord.

Related services we also offer

Handing over the property, legal representation, managing utilities, furnishing the property, installing kitchens, renting and selling in Bucharest and Brasov, administering the rental tax and registering the rental contract, annual home insurance, periodic checks of the electrical and gas installations, we keep the owner informed about the status of the projects, including those of construction, installing furnitureand even equipping commercial spaces, setting up companies and managing them, and general property management in Brasov, Bucharest, Bran, Predeal, Sinaia, and Busteni.

For more information, you can email our director, or call +40 727 606074